Phil Zulli's Photo Album

I want to share with you some of the people who have shared my achievements with me.
They are among the top contributors to our industry over the last 30 years; they helped to shape it. And I had the good fortune to be a part of that adventure. I wish I had more pictures!

Phil Zulli with Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes after the Senate Subcommittee Hearings in 1985

With Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes at Senate Hearing in 1985.
I was producing one of the largest group volumes in the country, with only 6 months in MLM.
It is my opinion that Mark Hughes changed the public perception of nutritional supplements
and launched the health and nutrition industry as we know it today. We miss ya, Markie!

Phil Zulli speaking at Omnitrition Top 20 Event in 1989

My first national recognition was as part of the original Top 20 Team in Omnitrition in 1989
It was here that we developed the recruiting conference call format that changed the industry.
I was known as the "Voice of MLM" in the 1990's, hosting the recruiting calls for top MLM's.


VP Sales Phil Zulli hosting Radiant Life Event in 1992

I was hired as VP Sales to restore Radiant Life  in 1992.
I tripled the volume in 60 days and met a lot of good people.


Phil Zulli with Bobby Pang and Tom Wately in 1991

1993; with internationally-known trainer Bobby Pang and former Avon VP Tom Wately.
I was with them to help launch LifeTrends; a subsidiary of Nature's Sunshine.


Phil Zulli and Peggy Zulli with Lee Causey at First Fitness Event in 1995

Peggy and I with Slender Now and First Fitness founder Lee Causey in the mid 90's.
Lee is one of the pioneers of massive growth in MLM.
Slender Now was, in many ways, the "father" of Herbalife.
My downline produced about 10% of First Fitness company volume for years.


Phil Zulli with First Fitness International Leaders in 1996

With well-known trainer Eileen Silva and
some of my downline leaders at a First Fitness convention.


Phil Zulli with Seasilver owners Bela Berkes and Jason Berkes at company aloe farm in 2003

With Seasilver founder Bela Berkes and CEO
Jason Berkes in 2003.
I was Seasilver's in-house marketing consultant, trainer, and spokesman for 18 months.
I really enjoyed most of it ;-)

Phil With Jim and Kathy Coover

With Jim And Kathy Coover, Co-Founders of Isagenix Intl.  Christmas Week 2006
I was very ill when Jim and Kathy flew me out to Arizona to meet them, and I am forever grateful to them for their kindness.
The Coover's and Isagenix helped turn my life back around, as they have done for so many.
They've restored quality and results to an industry drowning in its own hype, and believe me, they're just getting started.
Isagenix is the future of natural health and anti-aging. There is nothing else like it.


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